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A gorgeous romantic fantasy debut.

Thrust into a world of magic as dangerous as it is beautiful, a young woman must protect her family–and risk her heart.

A woman who must teach herself magic.

A monster who wishes to prove his humanity.

A love that threatens to unravel them both.

Artemis Sanchez has plans: thrive in her dream job in London and care for what’s left of her family. But all of her hard work quite literally goes up in flames when she gets in the way of Sevan, a magical being bent on expanding their hive mind.

Ignorant of the magical world beyond her own, she is caught in the creature’s thrall and nearly consumed––when a monster of shadow and darkness comes to her aid. He is a horror crafted from nightmares; he is the thing children fear is under their bed. His name is Verick, and as Artemis learns of a centuries-long struggle between these creatures, their lives become more and more entangled.

But when Verick is struck by a curse that renders him comatose, Artemis is unable to leave the safety of his shielded home and becomes cut off from the outside world. To wake Verick and ensure the safety of her loved ones, she will have to teach herself magic.

Yet as she uncovers more about Verick––and as Sevan grows in power––she begins to wonder, not if you can love a monster, but if you should.

A story of love found on the precipice where light meets dark.